CADMOS Workshop on Large Scale Computing


September 26-27,  2012
EPFL, Lausanne

Access Plan.



September 26, 2012


14:00 Opening. A.Quarteroni (EPFL) & B. Chopard (UNIGE)
14:15 Keynote: T. Schulthess (CSCS, Lugano, Switzerland) The Swiss HPC Strategy towards the Exascale Era (abstract slides)
15:00  S. Deparis (EPFL)  HPC for Blood Flow Simulation : Advancements and Challenges (abstract slides)
15:25 Th. Lemmin (EPFL) Exploring the bacterial membrane and its interactions with antimicrobial agents (abstract slides )

15:50 Coffee Break

16:20 Th. Vernay (EPFL) Global gyrokinetic electrostatic turbulence simulations using particles (abstract slides
16:45 H. Stockinger (SIB) BioBench - Benchmarking Life Science Applications on the BlueGene/P (abstract slides)
17:10 Keynote: W. Gropp (University of Illinois, Urbana, USA) The Next Generation of High Performance Computing (abstract slides)

17:55 End

September 27, 2012


8:30 Keynote: R. Car (Princeton University, Princeton, USA) The H-bond network of water: what we learn from computer simulations (slides)
9:15 N. Salamin (UNIL) Computational phylogenetics and evolutionary modeling: an integrated approach to study species evolution
(abstract slides)
9:40 L. M. Lawson Daku (UNIGE) Low-spin and high-spin aqueous solution structures of iron(II) complexes (abstract slides)
10:05 W. Andreoni (EPFL) CADMOS Project ENERGY (abstract slides)

10:30 Coffee Break

11:00 J. Lätt (UNIGE) Discrete particle methods in fluid dynamics (abstract slides)
11:25 G. Sclauzero (EPFL) Structural and Electronic Properties of Epitaxial Graphene from First-Principles Calulcations (abstract slides)
11:50 U. Röhtlisberger (EPFL) First Principles Based Simulations of Biological Systems (abstract slides)

12:15 Lunch


14:00 Keynote: T. Warburton (Rice University, Huston, USA) Evaluating Discontinuous Galerkin Methods on Many-core Architectures (abstract slides)
14:45 H. Markram (EPFL) HPC as an Enabler for Simulation-based Research in Neuroscience (abstract slides)
15:10 Y. Podladchikov (UNIL) Resolving Time Scales of Geological Processes and Performance of Geodynamic Solvers on BG/P (abstract slides)
15:35 J. P. Graves (EPFL) Investigations of Fast Ion Motion and their Influence on Plasma Stability through Massively Parallelized Numerical Simulations (asbtract slides)
16:00 E. Jahanbakhsh (EPFL) Developing Parallel SPH-FPM solver for Free Surface Flow Simulations (abstract slides)

16:25 Coffee and Closing Remarks